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2010 Goals Accomplished

& by January 22nd no less! Two exciting pieces of news…

I’m with some great houses, no doubt about that.  For me however, there is one dream publisher that had always signified to me that if I got in there, I’d made it. That publisher is Loose Id. The funny thing was, I’ve never given a serious attempt at getting in with them as much as I lusted after having a title published there. (Actually, I did once–a long time ago–but with a story that was in severe need of help.) Late last year I decided to change that and started subbing. My first submission resulted in a revise and resubmit request from an editor there. Un/fortunately, someone else offered to publish the story and I didn’t think much about doing the requested revisions. Months go by and the same editor emailed me to say she was looking for a paranormal menage. I told her I’d write one; my first 2010 goal was to write something Loose Id wanted to publish, no matter how many times I had to try. I ended up writing Interdependence exclusively for Loose Id with no intention of sending it elsewhere. Long story short, (I know, it’s too late), yesterday I received a contract offer for that story. Anticipated release date will be summer 2010.

New Year’s Day this year, I had this burning need to see my name in print. Since I’ve never written anything long enough for a NY publishing house, I set my 2nd goal for 2010 as writing something long enough for print (whether published by NY or an e-house). I’ve started writing The Traitor Prince–my first attempt at writing something longer than 50,000 words. The goal is 80,000. But then, I let Eliza Gayle talk me to into attending Romantic Times convention for the first time year as well. She suggested that my Craft of the Wise series would make a great print book if I combined all four stories. I talked to my publisher, and long story short (too late, I know!), today I received an email which said that dream is going to be reality. I’m going into print, y’all.

Man…I don’t know what’s coming the remaining 11 months of this year, but I can’t hardly wait!