As of this very moment, I have 11,937 words typed in my personal October challenge. That’s almost halfway to my goal of 25,000 words by October 31. I’m right on target. Here’s a small excerpt – note: up to this point, the hero doesn’t know the heroine’s real name:

She stopped short when he came into sight and let out a low whistle. “Anna you said he was gorgeous, but damn!”

His hand went under his chin and his head tilted to the side. “Anna? You said I was gorgeous?” he mocked.

“You can never keep your mouth shut. I told you he thought my name was Lisa.” Anna turned colors of pink previously undiscovered and Lucy hooted with laughter, holding her waist with both hands. The sound was beautiful and Nicholas chuckled in response.


If that isn’t insane enough for you, I decided to not only do NaNoWriMo, I’m signing up for 70 Days of Sweat. Today is day #1 of that challenge. Wish me well!