4699. After three days of NaNo, I’ve fallen behind by about 400 words. I don’t feel too badly about that seeing how I worked a twelve hour shift yesterday which was the cause for the delay. I am heading for Atlanta later today and between the time at the airport and being cooped up in a hotel room by myself tonight, I’ll make up the 400 words and some. Unfortunately, this also probably means being out of touch with the Internet for a few days so you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see how far I’ve managed to come!

On another note, for the trip I bought an Alphasmart 2000 – yes, the really old version. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that the one I purchased didn’t come with the cable, so now I’m trying to find a USB infrared adaptor to use. I’m going to take my chances on it working once I get the adaptor and take it on the trip with me. Please, please, please let it work! My hand is cramping from having to hand write my novel when I’m mobile. sigh.