OMG! I’ve been forgetting to blog! 🙂

Wow. I can’t believe a week has passed since I’ve been here. To give you a heads up, I’ve fallen woefully behind. Again. As of this moment, I have 26,211 words and I’m procrastinating catching up. I think I’m supposed to be around 30,000 words right now. Oh well. I still have another eight hours before I go to bed. Let’s see what I can do in that time.

And guess what! I submitted “Soldier” to a publisher today! 60 day turn-around-time to find out if they absolutely hated it, think it’s merely ok, or if they think its publish-worthy. Wish me well. So far, five of five friends who were supposed to be editors got caught up in the story and about halfway through forgot to edit. Or perhaps my writing just got so good by that point that they didn’t need to? One can only hope.

My NaNoWriMo Progress