I did it.

I came. I saw. I conquered NaNoWriMo 2007’s butt!!

Although I still have to finish the last chapter, I have surpassed the 50K word count that is required to be a NaNo winner! Go me! Go me! By my count, I have exactly 50,026 words at this moment. I cannot tell you how pleased as punch I am!! Looking back at the posts I’ve made for November, it seemed that I was always behind. Always trying to catch up. Well, no matter! 7 full hours ahead of time, I am a winner!

For those of you who see this blog and think that you don’t have enough time to undertake something like this, get rid of those excuses. If I can do this while working full-time, working part time, going to school full-time, making a Thanksgiving dinner for my family, hosting a family sleep over, keeping a social life with friends and DH (and the list goes on) – all in the month of November – So. Can. You.