I really, really need more discipline. I was perusing some publisher sites and came across a call for stories from Harlequin called Spice Briefs. They want stories between 5 and 15K words (totally up my alley) that are hard-core erotica. ::Hmmm:: Hard-core, you say? Instantly, I pulled my MC from the story I just started and put him into this new story because he would work better here than in the story I had planned for him. I also came up with a pen name for writing erotica, taking inspiration from my two doggies. If you find any stories published by Morgan Sierra, that’s me! So, the new story is called “Trial”. Because of its brevity and planned content, it might be hard to post an excerpt, but we’ll see. In the meanwhile, the other story – no name now because I took away the MC – is on hold.