I don’t know why I bother. I said that I was going to let “Trial” sit and then edit and then send it to a publisher. <Ennnhhh.> Nope. I re-edited on Friday night and sent it off that evening. No turn around time listed on their site, but I would be very, very surprised if it doesn’t get published…at least somewhere. Not necessarily at the first place I try, but somewhere. I even mentioned to the editor that I think there’s room for a part 2 to the story. In fact, I’ve spent a lot of last night and this morning musing over writing part 2. I really hope it does get published dear readers so that you can take a look at it. I really do think it’s that good. (lol. see previous post if you don’t believe me.)

And on another note, the new story is called “Flight of the Guardian”. My MMC’s name is Hiero (pronounced like “hero”). Isn’t that sexy?

Anyway, writing here gave me a 30 second break from cleaning the house for the holiday visit by my folks. Since I probably won’t get another chance to say it, Merry Christmas everyone!