So many stories, so little time. I’ve come up with another idea for a Wicked submission. This one involves getting trapped in the elevator. Oh, the possibilities. Fortunately, the deadline for these stories isn’t until the 14th of February. Since I’m not working this weekend, I’ll once again try to crank out the rest of A Beautiful Death and now this one – which once again, lacks a name.

Trial of the Guardian is moving along swimmingly. One of the {ahem} scenes required some online research. Writing about the results of that research actually makes me want to try it out. A little, at least. Mr. Carney gave me a strange look when I told him though. haha!

And btw, I posted an excerpt from Soldier on my website. I’m also contemplating posting excerpts from Morgan Sierra stories on the site too. To get to them, you’ll need to agree that you’re older than 21. Don’t go looking for them yet. I’m still tossing around the idea.