I’m stuck. 19,000 words into Trial of the Guardian and I’m bloody stuck. Unlike a lot of writers out there I don’t plan what’s going to happen in a story before I write it. Usually the characters let me know what’s going to happen next by what they do in the previous scene. Right now though, I’ve given my hero, Hero (gawd, I love that name!), a dilemma without knowing why it’s there; let’s not even talk about how he’s going to solve it. Any ideas for why a guardian angel would be permitted to fall in love with this charge? (And for you former Charmed fans out there, thanks, but no thanks. This is not fan fic.)

I have not forgotten about the picture entitled Primal down below. I mean, look at him – how could I forget that? I just need to get back on track with TOTG first. Then, I’m thinking three part series potentially called Primal. Still thinking about it.

My poor brain is going to start smoking from all of the plotting it needs to do!