I love talking with authors. Although I have to give props to Mr. Carney for suggesting it first, they are really convincing me to write a sequel to Soldier. I’ve been throwing around some ideas in my head. I haven’t fully developed it yet, but I can see that there might be a Soldier 2. I’ll keep you informed.

I also decided to change Primal. It’s now in a more contemporary setting – which has meant discarding most of what was written previously and starting over. I’m still thinking about making it a three part series, but I want to finish a rewrite for Trial of the Guardian and start Soldier 2 before going to book 2 of Primal.

A quick, unedited blurb for Primal: The Summoning… After being cursed by the island’s obeah woman, Caelan’s body becomes etched with an intricate tattooed design. Called by her brother to come to his friend’s aid, Tara is reluctant to use her gift, afraid of the possible consequences. But between Tara’s gift and Caelan’s strength of will, the summoning can begin.