FINISHED! Well…I should amend that draft 1 of Primal: The Summoning is done. It’s a lot shorter than I had originally intended, but I think the 16K word count gets what needs to be done, done. I’ll send it out to one or two beta readers before diving in for revisions. Because it’s meant to be book one of a series, the ending leaves the reader with a lot of questions. But they’ll be answered in book 2!

While I’m here, I also want to be sure to let you all know about a great series that I’ve recently had the opportunity and great fortune to read. L. Shannon writes about Tascryn Demons – think vampires – and I’ve read books one through three. THEY ARE FABULOUS! The latest book in the series in Walking at Sundown and is available now from Cobblestone Press. Do not let this series pass you up. The scenes are incredibly hot and leave you wanting for more. Let’s see…there’s a shower scene, a tub scene, menage, BDSM…I don’t think there’s anything she doesn’t explore. While you can read Walking at Sundown by itself, I would highly recommend getting the two books before it: Walking with Synn and Walking in Memories. They are worth it!All of the links posted here will get you to the excerpt or purchase pages. Don’t forget to tell them that Dee sent you when you get there.