If this post makes absolutely no sense today, it’s because the double-whammy of daylight savings time and jet lag is killing me! Where have I been, you ask? My answer: I flew to Austin, Texas for a two day conference for my company. Worth the intolerable fatigue I’m going through right now? My answer: No.

Since it’s my unofficial New Year’s resolution (I don’t do those stupid things), I will try to find something sunny about the trip to say. I’ve come up with two things: (1) downtown Austin is cute. After a to-remain-nameless airline company effin‘ ruined my luggage and I had nothing to bring my clothing back home in, I wandered around that area looking for a suitable substitute. Found one. As I searched, I also came across about six trillion bars along the way. If I hadn’t been by myself – walking, no less – I would have stayed to enjoy the night life.

(2) The second thing was that during the lulls of the conference, I set my creative brain to work. Thanks to my friend Shannon (of L. Shannon), I stole her idea of coming up with a book of plot ideas that I could pull from at a moment’s notice. I did that, plus one or two better. I came up with the entire plot line for Soldier 2, Primal 2 and a rockin‘ excerpt for Primal 2, which will be menage-based. (I’ll post what I wrote another time.)

Back to DST…did you know that when the geniuses decided to extend it by four weeks, it was discovered that it actually consumes more energy and not less like they had tried to sell us on? Grrrr. And let’s not forget the havoc it’s playing on my sleep cycle.