I can’t remember who said it, but someone recently told me that she likes to write spicy scenes in public because it serves people who like to read over her shoulders right. How funny is that? Well, below is the excerpt I wrote for Primal 2: Origins while on the airplane Wednesday. And yes, the guy next to me stole not-so-sly glances at it as I was writing.


“You’ve been given the capability to do so much more. It’s up to you.”

Bryce’s voice was full of the calm assurance Celeste had come to associate with him. His was the voice and reason and confidence that she could not find in herself. She wanted to listen to those words and absorb them into herself. A quick glance into the depths of his blue eyes sent a jolt of lighting through her. Celeste recognized something primal and certain there that her body responded to.

She needed space. Room to breathe. To think. With a step backwards, she murmured, “You and Ben. You’re both so different. I – I just don’t know.”

“What can I do to help?” Again that confidence. Celeste loved these moments of soft gentleness that peaked through his gruff exterior. Her heart picked up its pace.

She took another step backwards, realizing that he had again closed the gap between their bodies. She swallowed hard. “I don’t know Bryce. I just need some more time.”

“Time for what?” Another step brought Bryce closer. The air was heavy with the scent of his masculinity. Celeste found herself almost panting in her need to be rid of his aura clouding her senses.

“To choose,” she murmured. Another step, this one smaller than the last. Perhaps he wouldn’t notice the way she avoided his eyes.

“Choose?” Another step to close the gap. Damn he was good.

“Which one of you. I just can’t decide between the two of you.” She ran a hand through her hair and saw Bryce’s gaze follow the motion.

From behind her, came the soft sounds of Ben’s voice. “Who says you have to choose only one of us?”

Celeste’s head snapped up at his words, her breath caught in her throat. How could she have forgotten that he was there? Quiet as a thief in the fucking night, he was.

Wide-eyed, Celeste turned to Bryce for help. His eyes were hooded though, raw desire piercing through her. “No need to choose,” he said. “Love us both.”

His words startled Celeste into taking the last step away from him – the step that pressed her back against Ben. As Bryce closed the distance between their bodies again, she felt Ben’s cool lips come to rest on her neck, sparking an instant flame there. At the same moment, Bryce leaned forward and brought his mouth down on hers.

Celeste’s mind whirled at the sensation of both men as they touched her, each place singed by their lips. The longer their mouths lingered on her skin, the more fuel that she was thrown onto the conflagration.

Ben was peppering her bare neck and shoulders, his hands holding both sides of her waist. Bryce, true to his take charge personality, was running the tip of his tongue along her lips. Celeste released a small whimper, part in protest and part in longing, but made no move to stop either man.

Instead, her left hand sought where Ben gripped her waist with such possessiveness. The other arm wrapped around Bryce’s neck and pulled him closer.

God. What am I doing?

As if in answer to her unspoken question, Ben slid his calloused fingers over her hand, entwining his fingers with hers. He dragged her limp hand over the fly of his pants, grazing the erection filling the front.

Celeste didn’t know what it was – this evidence of his desire for her or it could have been the feel of Bryce’s thumb sliding over the swell of her breast – but whatever the cause, her mind finally rebelled. She pulled away from Bryce, eliciting a grunt of disapproval from him. Frantically, Celeste searched Bryce’s face.

“I can’t!” she cried.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Ben pulled himself away from her grasp. Fingers that no longer seemed under her control were itching to find him again.

There was a self-satisfied grin on Bryce’s face as if he had been waiting for her protest.

“Yes, you can – ” Bryce demanded. Despite the grim expression displayed on his face, his one-sided smile was seductive and as usual, confident.

“– and we will wait until the moment you agree too,” his brother finished for him.

Heart hammering in her chest, Celeste dared a glance at Ben. His face was as flushed as she knew hers must have been. She felt like her legs would collapse at any moment. The feeling that one or both of them might have caught her if she fell was the only thing that kept her upright.