NaNoWriMo, Personal

A bit of this and that

Hey y’all. A couple of things on today’s blog agenda:

My November newsletter is available. There are now over 100 subscribers! WOOT!! Thanks for your support!! I love hearing from all of you. Don’t forget, these people are automatically entered into a drawing to win a copy of my latest book as it releases. Sign up if you haven’t yet.

And although this month started with a bang, I got a new day job. As a result, I have much less time to write than I did for the past six months. If things have slowed down on my end, now you know why. As of right now, I’m woefully behind on my NaNo projects. FAR TO GO is coming along nicely, but I’m no where near where I thought I would be by today. Y’all cheer me on, k?

Lastly, I need some good advice. I’m looking for a certain set of books (print or ebook; it doesn’t matter). Can anyone recommend some good erotic romances about dragons, submissive males or any urban fantasy that just rocked your world? Leave me a comment with the name of the author, the book(s) and publisher if you know it. I anticipate wanting some down time in December and need to fortify my stock! (BTW, if the book sucks, I’m coming back to find you. 😛 lol)