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A Hard man is good to find

@jamiesonwolf has a free steamy sequel to a hot new m/m title, Hard. Damn. Doesn’t the title alone (and good heavens, the cover!) make you, well…*blush*


First thing’s first. Jamieson, tease us with a brief (rated R) excerpt to Hard:

More than anything, Owen remembered the taste of him.

You never forget the first one. Nineteen and horny, they did what guy friends did together. Daniel and him used look at porn in Owen’s bedroom. He could smell it even now: the scent of fresh paint, sweat and heat. He remembered the way Daniel smelled sitting beside him: spicy, as if his skin was burning.

Sometimes, after they were really turned on, they would lie next to each other, rub their crotches together. Sometimes, Daniel would even lie on top of him, pressing his crotch into Owen’s.

He remembered how good it felt to rub his body against Daniels.  How flushed he got in his cheeks, his crotch so hot it felt as if it would go ablaze. He knew that it wasn’t right to get hard when fooling around with another boy.

But Owen wanted to, needed to, anyways.

It had been an eye opener. He had not been able to get an erection while thinking of girls, but one thought of his friend’s body pressed against his and he felt hard all over.

Daniel always said he was straight. “I’d never fuck a guy,” he’d say. “I wouldn’t know what to do.” But there would be a look in Daniel’s eyes that had made Owen wonder. Sometimes, Owen caught Daniel looking at his crotch, at his hard dick straining against the front of his jeans.

At night, after Daniel had gone home, Owen would lie on his bed and think of Daniel. He pictured Daniel’s straight brown hair that framed his face in crude spikes, the greenness of his best friend’s eyes.

He would picture the tight mound of Daniel’s crotch as his own dick strained against the fabric of his pants.

These thoughts would take him into sleep. In his dreams, he was able to do what he knew could never happen; he was able to touch Daniel. He was able to run his hands all over Daniel’s hard body.

He would wake, his sheets soaked with cum, his dick still hard and dripping.

After the euphoria, a slight sadness would settle in. Owen knew that dreams could never be reality. Daniel would reject him if he knew how Owen felt. Owen knew Daniel would never talk to him again if he had any inkling of Owen’s feelings.

If Daniel found out, he would leave Owen and Owen would lose the man he loved. He had been friends with Daniel so long that the boy he had been was a thing of the past. Instead, all Owen could see was a gorgeous man.

But Daniel would never love him back.

All that Daniel worried about came into sharp focus on a hot summer afternoon. The windows were open and a light summer breeze filled the air. Owen’s parents were at the cottage and he had the house to himself.

Except for Daniel that is. Knowing that Owen had the house to himself, Daniel had rented some porn and was brining it over with a few stolen beers. Owen wondered if it was wise to drink something that would lower his inhibitions around Daniel.

He had enough of a hard time controlling himself around his friend as it was.

But Owen could never say no to Daniel. Not for anything.


Woot! Thanks Jamieson! And now for even more of a tease for you:

ABOUT HARDENING A Free Ebook by Jamieson Wolf

For those of you who’ve read the novel, you’ll know that it has a happy ending but some questions are left unanswered.

Though HARD felt complete, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what happened afterwards. I wanted to explore the storyline a bit further and see what would happen.

HARDENING is the result. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. It’s a heck of a lot more racy than HARD but I had a wonderful time writing it.

You can download your very own copy of HARDENING for FREE by clicking here:

If you haven’t read HARD, you can still read HARDENING and enjoy it. But I think you’ll get the full emotional impact if you read both stories back to back. You can get your copy of HARD from the lovely people at Breathless Press by clicking here:


Jamieson Wolf


Thanks for the privilege of posting this Jamieson. Best wishes!!

(p.s. y’all…you might consider heading over to Jamieson’s web site. I heard a rumor about some more great freebies and fun stuff related to Hard.)