A round of applause…

Please give the Cobblestone Press authors a hearty thanks for stopping by my blog over the last two weeks. I’ve learned so much about my fellow authors and what motivates them. All of the posts were both informative and interesting. Show them some love by stopping by their web sites for more information about them and their books.

Speaking of books, I’ve discovered a new site. Have you all been over to Goodreads yet? It’s a site where you keep track of books you’ve read. Of course, you can rate the book as well as write a review of it. (See my scathing review of Life of Pi if you dare.) On top of that, it’s as much a social networking site as anything else. I’ve signed myself up as an author and have given the world yet another opportunity to learn about me. 😀 If you decide to stop by, "friend" me. I’ll hook you up – especially if you tell me you learned about it here. A number of Cobblestone authors have been genius enough to sign up too.

One thing I can say about CP, it’s one big happy family. (Does that sound too cultish? lol) Well, no matter. It is.