All abuzz about NaNoWriMo

Fall is in the air. Can you feel it where you are? Being down here in the hot, hawt South, Fall is very important. Today is the first day since January that my house’s air conditioner has received a reprieve. It’s gorgeous outside. Just lovely… But, you know what else Fall brings?

NaNoWriMo .

Y’all, I can’t express in words HOW EFFIN’ EXCITED I AM that NaNo is right around the corner. You would think that since I’ve been writing all year long, a month dedicated to writing wouldn’t mean that much. And you’d be dead wrong. NaNo is the reason I wrote SOLDIER and I will forever be grateful to its organizers.

So far, this is what I know. My goal for this year is to write 60K words. It’ll be an urban fantasy having to deal with a nurse (I know, I know), a hospital and Hell (*snort*). I even have the publisher I plan on subbing it to already picked out.

Now I just have to come up with a pesky plot. lol.

I’ll keep you updated on my NaNo musings as the days get closer. And for anyone who happens to do NaNo this year, find me! My NaNo ID is blkdawn .