Author pimpage

Who doesn’t love a good contest? And who doesn’t love hearing about a new author (or at least, new to you author)?

I’ve heard a few rumblings about certain authors over the past several months and I gotta tell you, the rumblings are there for a reason. Recently I bought Joey Hill’s A Witch’s Beauty (http://www.storywitch.com) and loved, loved, loved it! I’m hearing much about Victoria Dahl (www.victoriadahl.com), so I have plans to pick up one or two of her titles. And of course, I would have never picked up the addictive Black Dagger Brotherhood series without much said about JR Ward (www.jrward.com).

You tell me, what other authors have you read (besides yourselves, people!) and would pimp without hesitation? If you don’t like that question, here’s another for you: Have you ever picked up an author *just* because there’s been so much hype about that person? Was it a good or bad experience?