On Writing

Back to the beginning

In the past month, a couple of publishers have made specific requests from me for books. I am flattered. Thrilled beyond belief! A year of writing under my belt and I’m a wanted woman… I love it!

The only problem is that I think my works have suffered a little because of it. I’m not used to writing to deadlines or to publisher requests. I write my stories because they want to be written. Previously, I wrote the story and *then* decided who to send it to. Now, I’m trying to tailor stories to publisher needs and I’ll tell you this…it’s not working.

So, once again, I’m doubling-back a bit. I had planned on writing a contemporary interracial  romance, but I was having a hard time. I couldn’t find a plot hot enough for the publisher I planned on sending it to.  What I realize now is that the story wasn’t meant to be hot. It’s sweet and angsty and one that I want to take my time with and write the way it needs to be written.

I appreciate that my writing has become strong enough that people are seeking me out and I appreciate that they choose to find me. But in order for me to crank out exceptional stories, I have to write them the way they want to be told. No timelines. No pressures.

Just me and the words.