Bad reads

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I’m writing a new urban fantasy – Cold Blooded – for a publisher’s contest. Normally, when I write a story, I send it to the publisher I deem appropriate for the book and hope it sticks. (And that my nosey friends explains why I have so many publishers. :D) Anyway, I digress…

This particular publisher is arguably the most well known in the world. They recently (and still are, I think) offered a bunch of free ebooks to readers and not one to turn down anything free, I pounced. Unfortunately, the book I’m reading now is disappointing – on numerous levels. I’m purposely not naming the book nor the author because I really believe that taste in reading is individual. Not every book is meant for every person. This particular book just wasn’t for me.

Although, this makes me wonder about the upcoming contest. If this is the style of writing they like (spotted a huge typo in one of the early chapters), what are they looking for exactly in the contest entries? Will my story be good enough to suit their tastes — the taste I’m seriously calling into question right now? Anyway, all of this makes me wonder what goes into deciding which books publishers end up offering for free. In my mind, they should be the books that make people want to buy more. In this case, I wonder if it was just a matter of sending out the book an author was willing to give away, even if it didn’t represent the publisher’s best.

Thoughts to ponder.