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Bendy Eggs – Anna Sugden

My recipe is for ‘Bendy Eggs’. In A Perfect Distraction, Maggie doesn’t like to cook, but she often makes ‘Bendy Eggs’ as a special breakfast treat for her daughter, Emily. Naturally, Maggie ends up making it for Jake too. 🙂

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‘Bendy Eggs’ are a poor man’s version of Eggs Benedict (my favourite!):

2 eggs

4 strips of bacon

1 English muffin

Cream cheese

1. Toast the English muffin and spread a generous helping of cream cheese on each half.

2. Cook the bacon strips and lay two on each half.

3. Fry or poach the eggs, then place on top of the bacon on each half

4. Voila – Bendy Eggs!

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A Perfect Distraction

A face-off—head vs. heart

For Jake Badoletti, this year is all about his career. He has a rare second chance to make the most of being a pro hockey player, so no parties, no scandals. Too bad he’s met a woman who could sideline those plans. Maggie Goodman is not his usual type—right down to being a single mom. Still, the sizzling connection with this gorgeous brunette can’t be ignored.

With a little juggling and a lot of focus, Jake manages to have the game and Maggie. Then his performance on the ice suffers and a scandal erupts. Now he can’t afford the distraction of Maggie…even if she is perfect for him.

~ ~ ~