Don’t Change Y’all

Keywords to find my web site in the past 2 weeks included:

“hot sex stories aroused”

“oiled man”

“the man’s hard dick”

“you are cooking with crisco now” (This last one is surprisingly consistent. I have NO idea why it leads to my web site. It’s just… wha?)

Keep on keeping on. Whatever it takes to bring you here, right? The weirder the search, the more amusing. It makes me question my faith in Google. lol.

Don’t change, y’all.

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is more from my May-December romance. Beth is realizing how much she’d lusted after this man before and now.

Now, I had no choice but to meet his gaze and that current, flowing hot and untethered, bounced between us again.

“You’re looking well,” I said, my voice still just above a whisper. Understatement of the decade. I could barely speak for the way my throat had gone bone dry. Between my legs ached with a hungry need for hot, sweaty sex with a man of experience. And in an instant, Sam became my latest fantasy material.

If you haven’t read Keeping Pace yet, might I suggest you try it? Then you might see where Beth got her start for older men. See you next week!

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is a May-December romance I’m writing during #nanowrimo. Remember Beth from Keeping Pace? She has her own story. She’s a little more mature now, no longer going after the boss, but still with a penchant for older men.

Today’s inspiration is HERE. He’d make a *great* Sam.

In today’s post, Sam–her ex-boyfriend’s father–is making inquiries for himself. (Cue the conflict!)

Sam asked in a quiet voice, “How wrong would it be to ask for myself?”

My head jerked up. Then Sam was there, his mouth hovering just above mine. His gaze moved from my eyes to my lips, which had parted in anticipation. Of him. His kiss.

I’m still working on Hunger, book 3 and this one. Keep checking back for updates on both.

New Cover for Cravings

I’m baaaaaack! I took a writing (author, everything) break there for a while, but I’m back in full swing and to celebrate my return, let’s take a look at the new cover for Cravings. I was going to do a cover reveal blog thingy, but a) it was too much work and b) I’m kind of sick of seeing other people do it. So, since I insist on marching to the beat of my own drum….ta daaaaa!!


Oh. Did you want to read the official blurb for it while you’re here? Well, fine. Here goes…

The best chef wins…but their hearts could lose the prize.

Close to the Heat, Book 2

Chef Lee Solomon is so going down.

How dare he call a tow truck on Chef Ginger Danielle’s customers just because they might have been parked in front of his restaurant while dining at hers? So what if he’s gorgeous, successful, and a master of gourmet cuisine, it doesn’t mean he can do as he pleases.

When he suggests they settle their differences with an underground cooking competition, Ginger is all in. Her feel-good comfort food against his fancy fare? Game on!

Lee has tried to ignore how badly he wants to see Ginger in his bed, but he’s finished fighting it. Their antagonism—and their mutual lust—is at an all-time high; when it comes to this particular battle, he has no intention of losing. He’s set on seducing the petite chef, no matter what the cost to his profession.

But when it comes right down to it, his pride whispers that there can only be one winner. Does he give up the competition… or give up the girl?

Warning: Features a dirty talking chef, thousand-calorie recipes, and a very private menu of delicious seductions.

Cravings will be available January 7, 2014 from Samhain Publishing, but it’s available for pre-order at AMZ and B&N now.

Six Sentence Sunday

#SixSunday is from my foodie romance CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2, coming in January from Samhain Publishing. (Yes! Got the news this past week. Woot!) You might have already heard he news if you’re following me on Facebook or Twitter. Our hero Lee is obnoxiously conceited at times and unrepentant about it. Ginger is definitely going to have to knock him down a few pegs if they have a chance at being together…

But first! Some eye candy, courtesy of Pinterest. Click HERE.

“That—what we just did——was incredible for what it was and a hell of a long time in coming. Can you really blame a guy for expecting…I don’t know… ”

“Gratitude?” she asked, certain he couldn’t mean that.

His brow lifted a fraction, a little shrug of the shoulder and she knew she’d hit the nail on the head. The smug bastard hadn’t been looking for long-term. He’d been looking for a way to stroke his damned ego.

Who thinks Ginger is going to let that slide? Show of hands! Heh.

Come back next week for more.

Loving Day

Once Burned dc_brush strokes-final
Intimate Whispers by Dee Carney allaboard_msr

Can you imagine living in a world where you aren’t allowed to love the man or woman of your dreams…simply because of the color of his/her skin? Richard and Mildred Loving fought to be able to marry when laws forbade them from doing so. Theirs is the story that legalized interracial marriage.

And to them, I say thank you.

Happy Friday!

#HappyFriday – You don’t bring me flowers anymore! h/t @s_muga

I hope someone brings you flowers today. :)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Yellow Rose by Victor Habbick

To all of the Moms, mom-moms, pet moms and dads who serve as moms out there.

*Photo courtesy Free Digital by Victor Habbick

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is some screaming tension between my hero and heroine in CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2, my foodie WIP. Ginger hates that she’s so attracted to Lee.

Today’s inspirational photo found on Pinterest here.

A delicious shiver trailed down Ginger’s back. It traveled low, sparking bits of excitement along the way and waking up parts that shouldn’t be allowed to brighten when in Lee’s presence.

There was no denying the heat that arced between them, but she hated his prissiness, his up-in-the-air haughtiness and his general way of looking down on her. Just because she didn’t eat——or cook——things like dandelion greens topped with smoked butter beurre blanc beside Kobe beef tartare didn’t mean he outclassed her. She’d simply discovered a long time ago that there was more to life than keeping up appearances. She’d rather be simple, clean and just plain ol’ good.

More next Sunday? Probably.

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is the sixth attempt at this foodie romance. Yes, six. ::headdesk:: I don’t know why I’m struggling with getting this one off the ground, but it will not be getting the better of me! Here’s this version’s Lee and Ginger.

But first…Here’s today’s inspiration link. (Holy jeebus, what an ass!)

“Asshole,” she grumbled, almost beneath her breath, but certainly loud enough for him to hear. “You just don’t like the fact that you reside over here in hoighty toity land. Hell, if you eat escargot with a salad fork, someone’s likely to hand out a citation. ”

“And over there, forks are nonexistent. Got indoor plumbing yet?”

She smiled big, a silly little grin that made his lower abdomen tighten, but he watched those hands ball into fists and settle on her hips.

Come back next week and let’s see where this goes…

p.s. anyone actually know how hoighty toity is spelled? lol I’ve found it two different ways on Google. ;)

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