Saturday Status-August 16, 2014

I managed exactly two of these before stopping. Oops. But here we go again and I promise to try to do better!

What I’m Writing Now

I had written over 14K words on Vampire Hunger Book 3…before scrapping it all. I’d found the original chapter one I’d written and liked it so much better than the revision. So, I’m now back to the drawing board, using the original version. So as of right now, I’m 7000 words into a 75,000 word (estimated–I’ll probably go up to 90K) story.

I’m simultaneously writing a sooper sekrit series for self-pub. The first book has already gone on sale and the feedback has been great so far.


What I’m Reading Now

This past week I’d finished three books: Immortally Yours by Angie Fox; Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) by Roxie Rivera; and Shattered Legacy by Lora Leigh. To see what I thought about the books, follow me on Goodreads!

I’ll add that Roxie’s book is currently free on Amazon, so go grab a copy.


Favorite Tweet of the Week

Sound advice from Oprah.

ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 16 11.27


Have You Seen?

This commercial made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Love the disgusted look on the kid’s face. LOL! (If you weren’t around in the 90s, this commercial is lost on you.)


That’s it for me. What’s happening with you this week?

Saturday Status-June 14, 2014

Works in Progress:

The #sixsunday post didn’t work for some reason, but I’m still working on Vampire Hunger 3 and am 9200 words into it. I’m projecting it to be somewhere around 75,000 words when done, which probably means it’ll be at least 90,000 words. lol

I’m also cowriting a tentacle-themed story with Ella Drake, although it’s a back-burner project. We’re only on chapter 2 of an unknown final length story.


Tweet of the week:

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 14 16.14

I absolutely believe in the inherent goodness of people. This tweet/link is yet another example. Loved this story.


What I’m reading:

Still reading Fool Moon by Jim Butcher. At 84% in, I should be done by the end of the weekend. After, I think I’ll journey into a Brava title for a change of pace. That publishing imprint is what got me interested in romance and writing.


Video of the week:

I’m probably the last person alive to see this video, but it cracks me up, especially once I heard the “behind the scenes” of it. No, the kid does not call her by her first name all the time. Only when “negotiating” like this. (Props to the kid for obviously emulating his dad’s conversations with mom.) Enjoy.

Well, that was my week. How about you?

To read more Saturday Statuses (statusi?), head over to Alanna Coca to see what she’s up to.

Saturday Status-June 7, 2014

I’ve been a fan of @AlannaCoca ‘s Saturday Status posts for a while and I just saw @jessmichaelbks doing it too, so I’m going to try and join in on the fun. Regularly. (Key word, that.)


Works in Progress

So I’m about ten percent in to Untitled, Vampire Hunger 3 and will have a #sixsunday post up tomorrow. Right now, I only have a vague idea of how to tie this book into the series (weird, right?) so I’m purposefully writing slowly. Sometimes not knowing what’s going to happen in a story makes it difficult to write!


Tweet of the week
How cool are other people’s lives?

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 07 11.21


What I’m reading

The first six books in The Dresden Files series were on sale for $1.99 each recently and because a group of author friends had just finished commenting on how great the series is, I went ahead and bought all six. I finished the first one last week and was pleasantly surprised by how engaging the storytelling is. Right now, I’m on Fool Moon.


Commercial of the week

Don’t ask me why I’m drawn to this commercial. I just am. The very first time I saw it, I was annoyed. Now I admit to grudging amusement.

Well, that’s my week. How’s yours going?

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is back! (yes, again–hush.) I’ve been a bad, bad author and not writing posts, and not writing in general. So here I am again. This is book 3 in my vampire Hunger series. The heroine and hero are meeting for the first time. Neither of them know that they need in each–in not just a sexual way.

But first, courtesy of Pinterest, here’s a nice pic representative of Victor, my vampire hero…

For that, he owed the enticing woman a small favor. Instead of giving her the answers she so obviously wanted, he dipped his head in quiet respect, turned and walked out. The biggest favor he could give.

He hadn’t yet closed the door behind him when he heard the human say, “What the hell was wrong with his face?”

While the question wasn’t the first time he’d heard it or something along its lines, what came next from the blood slave intrigued him. “I get the oddest feeling that man can help me.”

Help me, baby. Woot! Come back next week for more.

Did you know?

If you search for “most sex araousing novels” on Google, my site comes up as the number four result? Typo or no typo, good to know.

Going Facebooking

I do not like Facebook, but I’m going to try it again. Not a fan of blogging, but trying it again too. Any suggestions? (Twitter is for me!)

Don’t Change Y’all

Keywords to find my web site in the past 2 weeks included:

“hot sex stories aroused”

“oiled man”

“the man’s hard dick”

“you are cooking with crisco now” (This last one is surprisingly consistent. I have NO idea why it leads to my web site. It’s just… wha?)

Keep on keeping on. Whatever it takes to bring you here, right? The weirder the search, the more amusing. It makes me question my faith in Google. lol.

Don’t change, y’all.

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is more from my May-December romance. Beth is realizing how much she’d lusted after this man before and now.

Now, I had no choice but to meet his gaze and that current, flowing hot and untethered, bounced between us again.

“You’re looking well,” I said, my voice still just above a whisper. Understatement of the decade. I could barely speak for the way my throat had gone bone dry. Between my legs ached with a hungry need for hot, sweaty sex with a man of experience. And in an instant, Sam became my latest fantasy material.

If you haven’t read Keeping Pace yet, might I suggest you try it? Then you might see where Beth got her start for older men. See you next week!

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is a May-December romance I’m writing during #nanowrimo. Remember Beth from Keeping Pace? She has her own story. She’s a little more mature now, no longer going after the boss, but still with a penchant for older men.

Today’s inspiration is HERE. He’d make a *great* Sam.

In today’s post, Sam–her ex-boyfriend’s father–is making inquiries for himself. (Cue the conflict!)

Sam asked in a quiet voice, “How wrong would it be to ask for myself?”

My head jerked up. Then Sam was there, his mouth hovering just above mine. His gaze moved from my eyes to my lips, which had parted in anticipation. Of him. His kiss.

I’m still working on Hunger, book 3 and this one. Keep checking back for updates on both.

New Cover for Cravings

I’m baaaaaack! I took a writing (author, everything) break there for a while, but I’m back in full swing and to celebrate my return, let’s take a look at the new cover for Cravings. I was going to do a cover reveal blog thingy, but a) it was too much work and b) I’m kind of sick of seeing other people do it. So, since I insist on marching to the beat of my own drum….ta daaaaa!!


Oh. Did you want to read the official blurb for it while you’re here? Well, fine. Here goes…

The best chef wins…but their hearts could lose the prize.

Close to the Heat, Book 2

Chef Lee Solomon is so going down.

How dare he call a tow truck on Chef Ginger Danielle’s customers just because they might have been parked in front of his restaurant while dining at hers? So what if he’s gorgeous, successful, and a master of gourmet cuisine, it doesn’t mean he can do as he pleases.

When he suggests they settle their differences with an underground cooking competition, Ginger is all in. Her feel-good comfort food against his fancy fare? Game on!

Lee has tried to ignore how badly he wants to see Ginger in his bed, but he’s finished fighting it. Their antagonism—and their mutual lust—is at an all-time high; when it comes to this particular battle, he has no intention of losing. He’s set on seducing the petite chef, no matter what the cost to his profession.

But when it comes right down to it, his pride whispers that there can only be one winner. Does he give up the competition… or give up the girl?

Warning: Features a dirty talking chef, thousand-calorie recipes, and a very private menu of delicious seductions.

Cravings will be available January 7, 2014 from Samhain Publishing, but it’s available for pre-order at AMZ and B&N now.

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