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Blog Tour: Ava Rose Johnson

I started writing a little over a year ago. It all began with one story- a story that had been building in my mind for months, or maybe even years. It was a romance, a tale of soulmates and heartbreak and passion. The story kept growing in my head until eventually I had to let it out. I wrote 75, 000 words in one month (my fingers were exhausted!). Of course, it was so full of head-hopping and passive voice and cliched characters that it never reached the eyes of an editor. But that didn’t matter to me. I’d finished my first novel. I was damned proud of myself!

After I put that one onto the back-burner, I dipped my toes in the writing pool again. I wrote a couple of novellas and short stories, and over time I saw my writing improve. It was tighter. The characters were well-drawn. The sex scenes were hot!

The next step was finding a critique partner. After a few tries, I found one that fit. We worked together on our respective WIPs, helping and advising and commenting until we had polished manuscripts ready to be looked at. I then spotted the Vampire Oracle call for submissions from Cobblestone Press and I absolutely had to be a part of it. I wrote a proposal for the Power card and, woohoo, I was accepted!

Since then, I’ve continued to write and submit. I’ve written thousands of words in one month, then suffered with writing block the next month. I’ve been accepted by both Cobblestone and Phaze but I’ve also had my share of rejections. All part of the writing process.

Looking back to a year ago when I was just starting out as a writer, I am so glad that I let the words come out. It’s a big deal to put a pen to paper and allow yourself to be a writer. It’s scary and intimidating to think of submitting a story to a publisher, or even showing a story to your own family and friends.

But it’s worth it. Believe me!

Coming July 4th from Cobblestone Press- The Vampire Oracle: Power
A vampire’s promise lasts forever…