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Can you tell us a little about yourself? Well let’s see…I’m an avid reader. Always have been, always will be. I enjoy a good story whether it’s romance, science fiction, or horror. I’m in it for the story. That’s what I strive for. In every story I write I try to provide my readers with a great story first and foremost.

Were you a reader before you became a writer? Oh yes. I could read 3-4 category romances a day or one and a half single titles. I spent hundreds of dollars a month on books.

Did you always aspire to be an author? Was writing a passion of yours? Yes. I started writing in the second grade. Unfortunately, I didn’t win that first writing contest. But it created the need to write.

Have you always had the writing bug? And how long have you been writing? I’ve been writing seriously since 2002. I entered contest but didn’t start sending my work out to publishing companies until 2005.

Your real job is very different (non-creative) from writing. Does this difference drive your imagination? Some days. My day job as a computer programmer/analysts can be a drain. If I’m dealing with a particular hard problem or training people then I use the creative juices try to come up with ways to explain technical things to non-technical people. Other days I find myself coming up with new ideas while I work. I keep a notebook handy for just such an occasion.

What is the best part of being a writer? Creating stories that entertain me and getting paid for it.

How did you get your break and sell your first book? It’s kind of funny. The first book I sold will actually be my fourth book released. When Cobblestone Press first came out with their Vampire Oracle line I loved the oracle card images. I submitted three proposals. Battle, Lust, and Hunger. On Aug. 10th 2007 (like how I remember the date?) the publisher contacted me and expressed how much she liked my Hunger proposal. But she felt it fit the Sacrifice card better. After reading through her reasoning, I had to agree.

Has your writing made you adjust your lifestyle in any way? I’ve learned sleep is for wimps! No, actually I learned to take care of my family first. After that the day job and finally all free time is spent on writing and promoting my books.

Are you planning on writing any series books or do you have any more books that lead on from your existing titles that we should know about? You betcha. The sequel to The Diamond Heartstone is The Pearl Heartstone. I am working on that one right now. It’s the story of how the nasty prince meets his match.

The sequel to A Chance Encounter is also in the works. It will detail how Monique, Heather business partner and best friend, gets caught by her own set of powerful Faeries. Yes, it’s another ménage.

And…as if that wasn’t enough, in September and October of this year I will be releasing Mastering Mirage and Making Mischief. These will be the stories of Soundwave’s sisters who are out searching for big sis when they cross the wrong men. Is that enough? J
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