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Confession Is Good For The Soul by Loribelle Hunt

Admit it. We all have addictions, dirty little secrets we keep to ourselves for the most part. Mine aren’t so secret actually lol. I’ve discussed my Diet Coke addiction in many places. And dark chocolate. Books, of course. Reading romance was never that big a secret, but writing erotic romance is something I’ve tried to keep kinda private. My husband hasn’t let that happen.

He’s dragged me kicking and screaming out of the erotic romance writer closet in the last few weeks. He’s recently been the object of a great deal of attention in the police department he works for and apparently people are curious about what his wife does. So he spills it all then smirks when they ask if he gets to be the test subject. When I called him on it, he was quick to point out my other addiction.


I have three and since it’s summer, which means cute dresses and tank tops this far south, everyone sees them. Or part of them. See, they’re on my chest–two rose vines and a hummingbird. I will admit I found it highly amusing when he informed me just as many people comment on my tats as his test subject status.

Really? I will admit they’re in a place and of a size you don’t normally see on women in as conservative area as we live in, but most of the people we know have at least one. I just never considered them worthy of conversation that I wasn’t participating in. They’re part of me. I like them. I never considered what anyone else would think when I got them about not only having them, but where they’re placed.

I’ve apparently earned a reputation as, well, kind of wild. You don’t even have to corner me to admit I like that lol. It’s nice that when it’s pointed out that I’m really not part of the soccer mom crowd it’s now with more a tone of awe than confusion. Wonder if I can work this into my promo lol?

So there you have it. My most secret non-secrets. I write erotic romance and I’m addicted to tattoos. I’m grabbing onto that wildchild status with both hands lol!

How ’bout y’all? Tattoos? Or something else?

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