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Vampire Oracle – Harmony

I never thought I’d be writing a paranormal romance. I write straight contemporary. I also didn’t write fully disclosed love scenes. So, when the call came out for proposals for the Vampire Oracle line, why did I jump at it?

I have no idea. I originally read through the descriptions for each card and thought they sounded great. For someone else. Not my thing.

But then the Harmony card showed up (they were released for proposals five at a time, just like they are being published the same way).

I was drawn to the face on the card:

Then, the description captured me:

Key Words:
sustenance, without conflict

This is a time of happiness and constancy. But like all good things, they have been worked for and could slip through the fingers if taken for granted.

My storyline for Harmony immediately popped in my head and I rushed to open a document and start laying it out. Once I finished that, I carefully checked all the rules for the proposal and then submitted it.

It all happened very quickly, but I was in the middle of the pack for submissions and we were to wait until mid-August, or maybe it was the end, but either way, it was a long wait. However, we got lucky and Deanna and Sable made their decisions much faster. When I saw the email pop up in my inbox earlier than the expected date, I assumed it was a decline and was afraid to look.

It was a contract!! (Obviously, since I’m writing this, but still, very exciting for me.)

From then to now has been a busy time: writing, editing, blurbing and getting ready for release date. The first five Vampire Oracle novella’s released yesterday (June 6/08). Vampire Oracle: Harmony will release August 1/08. And, if I do say so myself, those love scenes turned out pretty hot. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone and writing it.

Here is my blurb:

Recently engaged, Kara Staten and Marc Brodeur are in love, and life is good. Kara has a brand new business, and they have both worked hard to get to where they are. When things start to turn bad, they struggle for the harmony they once had.

The balance starts to unravel, secrets become harder to keep. Kara’s skincare salon’s "Take A Bite Out of Love (TBOL)" campaign results in several almost fatal love bites, and Marc doesn’t know if he’s the cause. He’s a vampire trying to live a normal life.

As the vampire in him struggles to take control, Marc is only sure that he can’t be the man Kara needs. She doesn’t know he’s a vampire–can’t know. As their lives spin into separate paths, they will find that the thing that could tear them apart is the one thing that will ultimately keep them together.