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Reading & Writing

"If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write." Stephen King, On Writing
This is one of my favourite quotes, and it’s so darn true.
I buy anywhere between 4-6 books every month. I have a list, which I put together months before the books are released. I’m a very loyal reader. If I read a book and enjoy the story, more than likely I’ll pick up everything the author releases after that. Or, I go back and buy from their backlist.
Series are also something that I’m crazy about. You wouldn’t believe how many series I read. But I can’t get enough. My bookshelves are as overcrowded as my TBR pile. Still, the bookworm in me refuses to stop buying books.
Picking up a book off the bookshelf and getting totally engrossed in it is one of my favourite things to do. But you know, asides from reading the story, enjoying the world and falling under the spell of the characters, it also helps as a writer. It’s helped me realize what genre I write in, and with understanding the mechanics of a book.
I’ll never stop reading, and even now, when so much of my own writing consumes my day, I still make sure to put time aside to read. As Stephen King stated, if you don’t read, how could you possibly write?
So tell me, what’s your reading habit like?
Yolanda Sfetsos