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Blue Apron First Look

Because I hate to shop, I decided to try #blueapron. For those who don’t know, the service delivers all the ingredients you need to make reasonably healthy meals each week, for about $10/serving. (Sadly, the company is in the very lazy 2015 method of explaining itself via videos instead of, yanno, words. If you want to learn more, visit the site.) I received my first delivery last week.

You’re advised to start with the seafood dishes, so I started with Rice Flake-Crusted Hake. I’ve never had hake before, but I really enjoyed the taste of this meal. That being said, I felt that there was wayyy too much daikon radish and since I don’t like mushrooms, the dish was wasted on me. While I enjoyed the overall meal, I wouldn’t want to make it again. 3 stars20150521_215112

Last night, I wasn’t terribly hungry and decided to save what I thought would be the most promising dish for last (beef tenderloin). I ended up making Turkey Kibbeh. I had my doubts about this on folks. It has barley in it. Barley! (Who, but granola crunchers, eats barley? Just saying.) Anyway, I put the whole thing together, dished out a small portion and started eating. Before I was done with that plate, I got up and dished out more. SO. INCREDIBLY. GOOD.  This morning, my house has the aroma of last night’s meal lingering and it’s a very good smell. So good that I’m probably going to go get some leftovers in a minute. I really enjoyed this one and hope I get the ingredients for it again. 5 stars



So, overall I like the Blue Apron service so far. Drawbacks? This isn’t for the novice cook. The two dishes so far required reasonable kitchen skills. Also, there’s no option for choosing which dish you want. You either get the entire delivery or none at all. I really dislike this as I’m a picky eater and also have weird food allergies. That being said, being forced to get the entire menu for the week forces me to branch out. I’ve never had hake before (and would try this particular fish again), nor have I had kibbeh, which you saw I loved.

I’ll continue to get meals and report back, but I do believe this is going to be the start of a very beautiful relationship.