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I’ve been thinking about the success of Dark Forest Nights over at Fictionwise (still #1 at eXcessica, #26 of all available erotica there as of today). I really believe the excerpt has a lot to do with why readers have been drawn to it. Not to say that’s the only reason, but a hot scene certainly doesn’t hurt.

Yesterday, my publisher and I realized that my working title for my paranormal menage, Far To Go, wouldn’t be appropriate simply because the words "far to go" would appear on the cover for the book. If we left my title as is, it would look as if someone made a colossal mistake. Besides, drawing readers comes not only from great excerpts. Great titles are a HUGE draw too! So, I started brainstorming a new title. What did I get for my efforts?




I put out a passive-aggressive plea for help on Twitter . Not much response there. Then I used Yahoo IM and bless her, Moira Reid , came to my rescue and offered up some great suggestions. Then, Selena Blake took off with one of Moira’s ideas and did it one better.The publisher ultimately ended up turning down the one I liked and planned on using, but fabulous woman that she is, came up with a new one.

Ladies and gentlemen…I present to you…

Letting Go (artwork by Bree Bridges )