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There’s nothing worse than being the best woman for the job but being denied the career advancement anyway. Sexy and very debonair Maximilian Webb wants the chance to explain his decision to Cara Sebastian who is in no mood to hear it. When his words shift from businesslike to sultry, and when his manner shifts from professional to heated, Cara gets the opportunity to find out just how good being in a stopped elevator can be.

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He held her with his eyes, and she met the gaze, refusing to look away.

“But trust me young lady…” There was another small step, and Cara could feel the warmth of his breath when he spoke. She could even detect the faint aroma of peppermint coming from him. “…I will be keeping a close eye on you. And your career. But mostly on you.”

Cara’s eyes had drifted away during his speech, her previous resolve stripped away. When she heard his final words, though, her head snapped up to capture his face again.

“Excuse me?”

“Have I misread your signals?”

One hand trailed to the side of her face and pushed away a strand of hair hanging there.

“Excuse me?” This time, she whispered. Her throat felt tight, her chest constricted.

The proximity of their bodies sent a shiver through her. Max’s gaze caught the subtle tremor and closed the distance between them. Cara could scarcely breathe, afraid that the mere act of exhaling would send her chest crashing into his.

“Your pupils are dilated. Your breathing is deep and slightly labored. Your nipples are straining against that shirt, and your legs are pressed tightly together. Like I said, Miss Sebastian, I know people.”

His lips came down against hers in a gentle caress. Cara knew it was coming, did nothing to stop it, and her head swam when it finally happened.

“Have I misread you?” he probed softly after pulling away.

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