Dirty Little Secret


Dirty Little Secret

Together for a business conference, Christopher Forsythe accidentally walks in on his co-worker Janella Freeman masturbating to his fantasy. To alleviate some of the resulting embarrassment and tension between them, he offers to show her a secret. A sexy secret.

To her delight, she ends up with not one, but two surprises, although one is most definitely the more titillating. Only now, neither of them will be satisfied until they take that little secret all the way.

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“Overall, this is one hot read…I read it during the day. I should have read it just before bed… A superb book that partners should thank their significant others for buying—and thank Ms. Sierra for writing. After reading this, I guarantee you’ll want to grab your partner and…do things. The cover. Promises a seductive read.Fanny Hill closes this review with a red face, a fast-beating heart, and, um, urges.” 5 Brainys,  Fanny Hill, Cerebral Reviews

“Big, hot fun…If only my secrets were this delish!  Christopher and Janella are well-matched and I would love to see more of them.  This brief moment in time is not nearly enough. Read Dirty Little Secret and become inspired to start some secrets of your own.” 4 Stars, Amy Wynn, Sensual.Ecata Romance


The Excerpt:


Chapter One

Janella’s face burned bright, the scorch finding its way up her ears and down her neck. If physiology could match her mental embarrassment, and if her skin wasn’t the hue of rich milk chocolate, she’d probably be red clear through to her toes. The floor beneath her might even change color in sympathy.

Christopher pushed the tiny bottle of tequila from the mini bar toward her.

God, she couldn’t even raise her eyes to look him in the face. What must she have looked like?

“Take a sip, Janella. You might feel a little better,” he said softly.

His own choice of mini-bar vodka remained untouched. He was probably traumatized for life. Ruined for eternity.


“It’s really nothing to be embarrassed over. It’s what people do. I do it.”

She groaned, falling forward to let her face land in her hands. Wasn’t it bad enough that he had the real deal burned into his retinas? Did she now have to have a mental visual of what he would look like naked as a jaybird?

And masturbating?

“I swear I heard you say come in. I swear it.”

“Forget it,” she mumbled. Literally.

“It’s not a big deal!”

She peeked between her fingers at him and wished he would just vanish into thin air. Better yet, somehow manage to roll back time about fifteen minutes and then vanish into thin air.

“Look, I’ll make a deal with you,” he said.

This ought to be good.

Janella looked up, a spark of hope causing her heart to hammer. Had he invented a forget-all potion and was ready to pour her a sympathy shot? Was he going to put her out of her misery with a single mercy bullet?

Christopher’s ears reddened. He looked away and mumbled, “Since I saw yours, I guess it’s only fair for you to see mine.”

That got her attention.


What did it say about her that this bit of intrigue made her lift her head and look into his face? Well, hell. It said Christopher Forsythe embodied every typical woman’s fantasy, and she was no different. Everybody’s all-American, with a tanned, lean body, bright green eyes, and pouty lips, he made waking up and going to work every morning a joy. Ending up at a business conference with him fueled insane urges to touch herself late into the night, especially knowing only a thin wooden door separated their rooms.

Some psychologist somewhere would probably say she’d wanted to get caught tonight and, truth be known, maybe she had. They’d been crossing into each other’s rooms all afternoon long to finish a few reports and she really hadn’t thought about it. Hadn’t bothered to give the lock a second thought. The door was closed, so why should she care?

In reality, she’d wanted to get her rocks off while thinking about him. And she almost had. She’d been right there, teetering on the edge of bliss when the door opened.

That’s when everything came to a blinding halt.

“What did you mean by that?” Janella asked shyly.

Now he looked a little pale. “This isn’t the way I intended for us to start off.” He cleared his throat. “Well, you know, but…um…I have a secret I could show you.”

Damn, he was adorable when he was embarrassed.

Her self-confidence crept back into existence. Just a hint of it. “What do you mean…a secret?”

“Something no one else at the office knows about.”

“Yeah?” A grin split her lips. “A dirty little secret?”

He lifted his eyes to meet hers and a spark of something erotic flared in them. “Yeah. My dirty little secret.”

Intrigued, she pulled herself upright in the chair. Her terry cloth robe threatened to gap wide enough for Christopher to see past her cleavage to her belly button. It was a little late for her to be bashful, but she saw no need in flashing her wares again. She adjusted the material until the gap was closed tight.

“What does that mean exactly?”

Christopher’s cheeks shifted from a pale green to a healthy pink flush. He shook his head in exasperation. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.”

He rose and took a few steps away from the table. Then he seemed to think better of it, rushed back, and grabbed one of the tiny bottles. After twisting off the screw cap, he took three large swallows of the vodka. His face twisted into a grimace before he ambled away again.

“I never thought that…with you…it would be like this. Just not what I had imagined. So, cut me some slack, okay?” He appeared as nervous as Janella.

She resisted the urge to smile, but she had a pretty good idea why he needed the liquid courage. She only had to wait and see if he would follow through.

The horrible patterned carpet faded into the background along with the heavy drab draperies when he bunched his shirt in his hands. With the slow seductive movements of a stripper, he tugged on the once crisp white cotton until it no longer remained nestled beneath the waistband of his trousers.

Janella licked her lips. The rest of her body was too stunned to move.

His green eyes sparkled, and his mouth curved in a sexy grin. He picked up the bottom of his shirt until she could see a faint column of hair covering the smooth skin of his abdomen. She licked her lips again when he gripped the tail of the shirt between his teeth, gave a slight shake of his head, and tucked the shirt beneath his chin. Then his deft fingers loosened the button on his pants, and she raised her eyebrows.

He was going to do it. He was really going to do it!

The slow rasp of his zipper descending filled the air, and her breath caught in her throat. Another flush—a very different, heated, welcome flush—ignited a path along her skin. Every part of her body tingled with anticipation.

Janella knew she should stop him. He didn’t have anything to prove.

But…oh, hell. She really wanted him to keep going. She blinked twice in rapid succession when the line of hair fanned out. Hoorah for commando.

Her mouth dropped open, and she stifled a squeal of delight. “You’re a redhead!”

She glanced up and saw Christopher’s wide grin. Who would have thought it? He was sandy blond on top, but definitely a natural redhead down below where it counted. What would he say if he knew she had a thing for red hair?

“The carpet doesn’t match the drapes, I know.” His amused chuckle sent a shiver down her spine. “But I’m not done yet.”

There was more? She resisted the urge to clap. And even though she didn’t mean it, she said, “You can’t possibly top that. I mean, if you’re only going to show me your so-called impressive size, don’t bother. You know the saying; it’s the motion of the ocean that counts.”

Christopher’s startled laughter made her smile. When his mirth subsided, he arched a brow. “You ready?”

“Make my day, baby.” With arms crossed, she settled back against the chair.

He gave a slight shrug and let his trousers fall to the ground. Janella’s mouth dried up, and she lost her ability to speak. Then she leaned forward and muttered the only words her brain could muster.

“Oh. My. God.”


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