Stories in Ink: Fearless


Genre: Paranormal Erotica 

ISBN: 978-1-4523-2425-8

Length: Super Short

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Stories in Ink: Fearless

She was taken from him too early in life and one night each year, they’re given a reprieve. A night to relive their love for each other. When Eric meets the spirit of Laura this year, however, he realizes he’s tired of living a life without her. Tonight, he’ll do whatever it takes to be with her forever. Tonight, he’s fearless.


The Excerpt:

Chapter One

Leaves tumbled and rolled out of the way in order to avoid being crushed by rubber tearing through their fallen carcasses at ninety miles an hour. The air threatened Eric with snaps of cold meant to send him back indoors, but there was no way he’d miss out on tonight. Sadly, October came only once a year and the wonderful special night marking its departure always ended too quickly for him.

The air shimmered around him and he felt her presence. If he didn’t have to keep his eyes on the lonely stretch of road, he would have closed them and basked in the soft, sensual feel of her wrapping around him like a warm blanket.

His thighs spread instinctively as his grip on the bike’s throttle eased. The Ninja slowed, and accepted her body molded against his without complaint. The same as the day he purchased her, the engine purred its contentment.

Laura faced him, so that he could glance into her deep chocolate colored eyes. Blonde hair shorn almost to the scalp stayed out of his way. The last thing either of them needed was an accident caused because flyaway hair whipped into his eyes and hindered his vision.

He afforded himself a quick glance at her plump lips and threw fate to the wind. A brief dip was all he needed. But he had to have it. He had to feel her mouth against his for the first time all year. She accepted his kiss with a seductive smile and his heart thundered. In another mile or so, he’d wipe that smile away when he dove in for more of her taste. So much more.

Her hand snaked beneath his leather jacket and scraped across bare flesh. The corners of his mouth turned up in a smile when she slid her hand back and forth across the expanse of his chest. She’d always loved to trail her fingers through the black curls of his chest hair. He’d worn as little as possible without inviting an indecent exposure arrest so that she could play with him to her heart’s content. Black leather jacket, matching black jeans and boots were all that separated his skin from her touch.

Eric didn’t have to look down to know what she wore. It was always the baby doll top with its lacy border and a skirt short enough to make anyone with a heartbeat do a double-take. When she hopped aboard the bike with him, the heat between her thighs warmed him up in ways the bike couldn’t even come close. Sure, there was something so incredibly sexy about having all of that power between his legs—and having the bike there, too—but having her arms wrapped around his waist sent a rush through him like nothing else could.

She wouldn’t be able to hear him, but he had to say it. “I’ve missed you, woman.”

Perhaps she’d heard after all. Her arms tightened around him and her delicate breasts pressed against his chest. She ground against his hardening cock, sending bolts of pleasure shooting through his balls and thighs. Oh yeah. He’d missed the hell out of her.

Fuck waiting. He gave the bike gas and leaned into the wind as they shot forward. Laura’s soft giggle wafted next to his ear and it spurred him into moving faster. The thrill of speeding, of flirting with death had always been a turn on for both of them. Just half a mile to go and he’d show her just how turned on. Like she didn’t know. Her hand had long since left the warmth beneath his jacket to stroke the bulge in the ever tightening space of his jeans.

She leaned closer, her lips grazing over his cheek and touching the lobe of his ear. “Prove it. Show me how much you’ve missed me.”

Over the roar of the engine, between the whistle of wind caressing over them, he shouldn’t have heard her. But he caught every breathless sound as if they stood alone in a room by themselves. He heard the hoarse whisper of every single word. The intent behind each enunciated syllable.

Something primal within growled a nonsensical response. His cock twitched and impossibly hardened even more. If she teased him just one more time, he’d face the very real possibility that it might break through the denim. Steel had nothing on him at this point.

His body remembered hers all too well. The changing of seasons, the moment the heat of summer had left and the air cooled and invited autumn to play, he found himself day dreaming of her. And the nights? Almost nightly he had to stroke himself to miserable satiation. He had to relieve the pressure of his cock or go mad from it. The thing of it was, the more he did it, the less satisfaction he found. His touch couldn’t compare to hers; his body would be satisfied with nothing less. He needed to be with her, in her, if only for this one night when her ethereal body became corporal, he had to have her.

Eric turned down the lonely dirt road and slowed as they approached the desolate cabin. He paid good money to ensure its upkeep and the property management company knew to have it prepared for his annual stay. Without stepping through its doors, he could already smell the mustiness of the closed-in space. Despite that, the bed would be made, no dust to be found on any of the furniture. A case of bottled water would sit inside the humming fridge. He had no need for food tonight; dehydration was his biggest concern. Electricity and running water would be available in ample supply anyway. If push came to shove, he could make use of the canned items in storage.

Like his body, the cabin seemed to anticipate her arrival. It would release a slow exhale of relief when they crossed the threshold.

Yeah, he knew this obsession for Laura was unhealthy, and maybe a few would say unnatural. But who gave a fuck about what others thought? If his woman could find her way each Halloween to the world of the living, he would never refuse her.