Stories in Ink: Needful


Stories in Ink: Needful

Regan and Will almost had it all–love, marriage, everything but the baby carriage. But when Gabe, Will’s best friend and former lover is put in the mix to help, the sparks that rise might just burn down their perfect world.

She’s as aroused by the image of making love to the two men as much as she is by the thought of seeing them together. Is the risk of inviting Gabe into their bed worth the cost or will it prove the one danger their marriage can’t survive?

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The Excerpt:

Chapter One

“How many Gabes do you know?”

Will’s husky morning voice brought her out of a dreamy fade. Regan stretched languidly beside him, enjoying the way his lean length molded perfectly against her. “How many Gabes do I know? What do you mean?”

“You know Gabe White. Anyone else?”

Besides his best friend, no, she didn’t. “No, babe. Why?”

“No one you work with or even someone from your past? Maybe a long time ago? Think about it.”

She raised her leg a little, just enough to extend it over his while she reflected. The fine hair covering his thigh tickled her skin, but she loved the scratchy feeling. He flexed his leg beneath hers, his knee lifting her leg even higher. She’d fallen into bed nude last night, and his calculated move exposed her sex.

His hand snaked over her belly and traced a slow path around her navel. A grin grew on her face, and she turned so he could see it. How the hell was she supposed to concentrate when he deliberately distracted her?

Not that it mattered. She was certain the only Gabe she knew was Will’s best friend and one-time lover. Before she and Will had gotten married, there had been a tense moment when she thought the friendship between the men might keep Will from allowing her to also serve as his best friend, but as gracious as ever, Gabe had stepped aside. The two men saw each other often, but her early feelings of jealousy were squelched almost as quickly as they’d arisen. She hadn’t known how to reconcile that they knew each other intimately, not until she and Gabe had a heart-to-heart talk that set all of her fears to rest. After that, she grew to love him as fiercely as Will did.

“You’re not making it easy to think.”

The fingers of his other hand were doing some very distracting things just beneath the curve of her ass.

He chuckled before nuzzling the soft area between her neck and shoulder with his mouth. She settled against her pillow again but tilted her head, giving him all the access he wanted. “It’s not a hard question.”

“It’s not, but I gather you are?”

Her eyelids fluttered closed when he shifted, his hardness sliding between her thighs and confirming what she’d already guessed.

“Are you going to answer me?”

“Are you going to stop teasing me?”

He pushed himself between her thighs, allowing the friction there to stimulate him into granite. Each slow withdrawal and thrust forward brushed against her bare lips, sending waves of excitement rippling outward.

“Baby, the sooner I get an answer from you, the sooner we can move on to…other morning activities.”

That sealed it. Hurriedly, she replied, “I’m sure. No Gabes except yours. There. Better?”

His hips continued their slow roll. “Almost.” He drew in a deep breath, and she almost turned to face him. She knew that sound. Whatever he wanted to say next made him apprehensive. “I’m not angry; I want you to know that.”

“Will?” This time she did try to turn, but he pressed a firm hand on her shoulder to stop her movement.

“If you look at me now, I might lose my courage. Hear me out, okay?”

Heart racing, she nodded. “Sure, sweetheart.”

Softly, he said, “After four years of trying, it might be time to explore other options.”

Regan sucked in her breath this time. She went cold, stunned that he brought up this painful topic from out of nowhere. Where was this conversation going? “Will, the doctor says we’re both fine. There’s no reason why—”

“I’ve never mentioned it before, but you talk in your sleep.”

If she thought she was confused before, the change in the subject thoroughly baffled her now. “What?”

“I always thought it was cute. Sometimes it’s indecipherable. Sometimes it’s as clear as a sunny day.” He paused again. “The first time I thought you said Gabe’s name, I chalked it up to my own imagination. But you said it more than once, Regan. Always with a breathless sigh that let me know just exactly why you were saying his name deep in your dreams.”

Oh, Jesus. How could she have done something so cruel? And more than once!

“Will, I never… I don’t…”

“Shh, baby,” he cooed. Suddenly, he was there, pushing into the wetness he created with his teasing movements. “I had to be certain it was him you dreamed about because I’ve gotta tell you, something about that turns me on. I like that you’re attracted to him but choose me. You are attracted to him, aren’t you?”

She moaned against his intrusion, savoring the way her body accepted his girth. He kept his hand beneath her thigh, holding her open. The way he slid forward, gliding without interruption, proved just how ready she’d been for him. That he positioned her to take him in was almost redundant.

“I love the two of you more than life itself, Regan,” he continued, his words gentle. “I need you to know that any child of his would be a child of mine.”

Where had this come from? Shaking her head from side to side helped clear some of the confusion and push aside the eroticism of his body sheathed by hers. Her mind a whir, she tried to protest, but only a low whimper of need issued from her mouth.

His unhurried pace quickened. The only sounds in the room were her rapid breathing, the gentle sounds of her pussy embracing him, the soft slap of his skin hitting hers. A deft maneuver put his fingers on the bundle of nerves sure to send her careening toward orgasm.

“Let Gabe give you your heart’s desire.”

Her heart’s desire. Yes—she wanted a baby so badly. But did he really want her to have his best friend’s baby? Had he thought this through? They were still young. Surely, they couldn’t have reached this point already?

“I can’t,” she choked out after a minute passed. She wouldn’t risk their marriage for this.

“We can. For you. For me. For us, Regan. We can.” His voice thickened, and she knew he was close to tears. He wanted a child as badly as she did. Every month, disappointment dragged them both into a depression that took the support of the other to pull out of. “Please.”

Will wrapped his arm around her waist and brought them closer. So afraid of his desperation, and of hers, she took his hand and squeezed. She didn’t need to peak at this moment, she only needed to savor him, her husband.

Their bodies rocked together in a timeless expression of love. She had the sudden knowledge that he’d planned this down to this astonishing detail. He made love to her at the same time he gave his permission for her to sleep with another man. With his best friend.

She turned a corner, and the ecstasy she held at bay blossomed to life. Behind her, Will’s breathing grew more strained. His warm breath fanned against her neck, his lips touching down in sweeping caresses against her fevered skin. Rushing toward the place where she would float among the stars, her heart hammered against her ribs.

For you. For me.

For us.

She spoke in a weak, tremulous whisper. “I won’t do this without you, Will. I love you.”

“I love you, Regan,” he avowed. “We’ll do this. The three of us, together.”

His words reassured her, calming her frenzied mind before she was carried into bliss.

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