Stories in Ink: The Prowl


Stories in Ink: The Prowl

Gabrielle has agreed to meet her online lover Jay for a single night of pleasure. It is to be his fulfillment of her fantasy. Only now that they’ve agreed to meet in person, will she be able to get over the ten year difference in their ages?

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“If there are cubs like Jay around, then sign this cougar up – grrowl! Although it is a short story, I was totally into it and when it ended, I was totally satisfied. Gabrielle is an older, divorced woman, filled with desire and doubt and fortunately for her, Jay is the man to handle all that and more. If you are looking for a snack that won’t leave you hungry, pick up The Prowl.” 4.5 Stars, Amy Wynn, Sensual Ecataromance

The Excerpt:

Chapter One

She walked with her spine erect, head held high, and advanced straight for the gold-plated door. Often, hotels hid the elevators out of direct sight, but thank God, not this one. The people in the lobby might as well have not been there. The whole place could have been on fire or a clown convention spilled out into the halls—it didn’t matter. Her eyes stayed on the prize. In a few short minutes, she would be in his embrace, and the wait would finally be over.

His instructions had been very clear. It didn’t matter what she wore, so long as it could be removed with ease. He didn’t care about the garments beneath. So long as they stuck to the agreed upon plan, tonight would be an unforgettable event. Although they’d never met, not in person at least, she trusted him implicitly.

Her heart thumped with enthusiasm. What did it mean when she could feel the beat in her throat, then feel it travel down her arms and pulse with life in her wrists? Her belly tightened, and between her thighs tingled with anticipation. In less than five minutes, he’d put his hand between the soft lining of her panties and her delicate folds to find the evidence of her arousal slick and glistening for him.

Already she could imagine the way his fingers would slide into her moisture, testing how much she wanted him. How badly she needed this night.

No matter how much her insides quivered with excitement and with apprehension, she would enjoy this. No fear. Too much planning, too many nights of fantasizing and way too many hours of flirting outrageously with this man went into preparing for this encounter. She would enjoy it.

Watching the panel illuminate the numbers in sequence distracted her from thinking too much about he who waited for her arrival. The drone of the elevator’s motor provided a backdrop with which to settle scrambling nerves. But when the bell dinged and announced her arrival, a flutter of anxiety rifled through her.

What if he didn’t find her attractive despite his many reassurances? What if he wasn’t anything like he had been in his letters? What if tonight was a colossal failure?

Ten years separated their ages and right now, a single decade seemed like a lifetime.

She’d never forget the way the lush carpet gave beneath her heels when she exited the elevator. He’d chosen a room down the hall, directly across from it, so she’d know exactly where to head once she left the elevator. Although the walk could have seemed like the longest in her life for all the wrong reasons, it was the longest ever for all the right reasons.

She slowed, for the first time her mind whirling with more doubt than she’d ever faced before. Fighting to keep her nails out of her mouth, she instead disentangled hair from dangling earrings and pushed the strand behind her ear. Movement off to the right caught her attention. Whirling, she gasped at the sight.

Who was this woman in the reflection? This woman with long auburn curls and bright blue eyes? The woman standing in the mirror with high cheekbones and pouty lips would make anyone stop in their tracks. The dress she wore, wrapping around curves that any sports car enthusiast would envy, dipped so low in the front the rounds of her breasts peered out. Strategically located, a simple pendant hanging from a thin, gold chain nestled at the dip, inviting him—especially him—to look there first.

Her legs were her best feature. She didn’t have to look down to know how enticing her flesh-toned hose looked above two-inch heels. Too bad she didn’t know how to walk in something taller, but he’d assured her she would turn him on no matter what she wore. Still, she couldn’t help but pass her hands over her dress one more time as she moved away from the mirror. Surely some wrinkle somewhere needed straightening.

She chuckled, a half-hearted attempt at calming frazzled nerves. Somehow, she managed to make her way to the other end of the hall. A quick glance at the plaque provided verification of the room number.
Then she took another long look. Four twenty three.

April 23rd.

The day they’d met online.

She stared at the number, recalling the first tentative email. The shy exchange of messages that started off slowly, but soon built up in number and intensity. The way he could use the English language to make her breath catch.

I want to touch your body with my tongue. Taste between your breasts, between your thighs. I want to inhale the scent of your perfume as your skin heats beneath my fingers. I’m going to explore every inch of your body, teasing you, pleasing you, bringing you to orgasm with the soft caress of my breath over your clit. I want to excite your mind, torture your body. Everything I do will be designed to heighten your pleasure; elongate mine. How long will you be able to stand it before you beg me to fuck you? And I will fuck you, lover. I will take us to places you have only imagined on our special night.

His seductive words aroused and then taught her how to enjoy the light touch of her own fingers. Every time she read his poetry, she imagined it was him there with her in the dark. Teasing. Pleasuring.
He’d said tonight would be perfect. He’d said if she could find the courage to use the keycard waiting for her at the front desk, he would fulfill a fantasy as best he knew how.

Looking at that number, she was struck with the understanding of what kind of man she was about to turn herself over to. He’d planned everything…down to making sure this tiny, but very exquisite detail hadn’t been overlooked.

Just like that, the bubble of fear burst.

Gabrielle inserted the card into the waiting slot, watched the indicator light turn green and turned the knob.


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