The Fallen

The Fallen

Trapped in a cave, Bailey’s relief at finding help is almost palpable. When she realizes that a winged man – an angel – proves to be her rescuer, there doesn’t seem to be anything else to fear. The fact that he sends a shiver of desire through her doesn’t set off the alarms in her mind as they should have. He tells her that he is curious about women…and his curiosity can only be satisfied by sex. Too late Bailey realizes there would be a price to pay for his satisfaction.

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The Excerpt:

He released her captive hands, and she groaned as his shaft left her thigh. He tucked his wings behind him and dropped to his knees, lingering just long enough to send a hot tongue over one hardened nipple. His hands came around her thighs and caressed her cheeks, his fingers possessively gripping the flesh. Keeping a stable hand on one of her legs, he lifted the other and hooked it over his shoulder.

The heady aroma of her damp pussy filled the air, and she flushed again. He looked up at her and inhaled deeply, obviously reveling in the scent, and his eyes changed color again to a smoky blue of passion.

Panting heavily, she watched in twisted anticipated as he leaned forward, bringing his mouth against her hot and aching sex. The first touch of his tongue against her rocked through her, and she cried out, almost collapsing from an orgasm the likes of which she’d never experienced. Surprised by the swiftness in which she climaxed, she cried out louder as he worked his mouth against her sopping sex. She tried to pull away, but he suckled her, one strong arm supporting her weight while the other hand massaged her upper thigh.

When she thought she could stand no more, when she thought she would pass out from the sheer exhaustive pleasure of it, he eased his mouth away from her, licking in a long motion against her lips, allowing her sensitive clit to momentarily relax.

When he stood, she partially collapsed against him, her trembling legs the consistency of gelatin. Caleb wrapped long arms around her, his wings expanding again. Bailey’s heart shuddered back down to a normal pace as she came to grips with the orgasm.

“Was that satisfactory?” he asked, looking down on her.

She hiccupped a small laugh. Hell yes, it was. Looking up at him, she realized that he was very sincere in his question, the thin line of his dark eyebrows narrowing in concern. Once again unable to look into his eyes, she leaned her forehead against his chest and mutely nodded.

He shifted against her and then softly caressed his fingers against her still throbbing sex. A small shiver sliced through her at the touch, but she held still. He brought his moistened finger to his nose and inhaled the fragrance before placing the finger in his mouth. The sheer sensuality of his movements sent a thrill through her. Tilting her head toward him, she clasped the back of his head and gently brought her mouth against his. She delighted in the tangy taste of herself on him. Evidently pleased with her actions, he smiled slightly against her lips.

“Hold on to my shoulders,” he whispered.

She complied and gripped them with both hands. His strong arms wrapped around her waist, and she pressed herself against him. The cock she had yet to sample pressed against her belly. She let out a small scream when his wings flapped once and their feet left the ground. With powerful thrusts of the feathered appendages, they were airborne, looking down on the open maw of the cavern as it vanished from view.

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