The Fallen 2: Dominance

The Fallen 2: Dominance

A week after Caleb’s seduction, Bailey realizes she gave in to him too easily last time…and she paid dearly for it. Now that Caleb has returned, she’ll push his buttons every way that she knows how. She’ll tease, taunt and flirt…until she regains control.

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Chapter One

“You’ve been thinking about me, Bailey.”

She bit down on her bottom lip until the pain reminded her to breathe. She wouldn’t answer him. He already knew that she couldn’t get him out of her mind. One week of waiting for him to show up whenever he wanted. One week of wrestling with the consequence of having sex with him. One week of wanting him to take her again, despite it all.

The soft cotton of her panties slid down her thighs as he dragged them over her heated flesh with agonizing slowness. Over her knees. Past her toes. With each inch they traveled, her heartbeat thundered a hundred times in the moonlit room.

In a brief moment of panic, she wished she knew how to pray. She wanted to pray for guidance on how to deny this demon—this angel—whose possessive touch drove her to distraction.

He nudged her thighs apart with cool fingers, and she forgot the need to pray.

“So sweet,” Caleb whispered. The heat from his icy blue eyes made her stomach tighten. He glanced at her face, freezing her in place with his intensity before looking down on her naked sex again.

Her breath caught in her chest the moment his finger dragged over her dark curls. There was a long, tortuous stroke over the soft inside of her thigh before he cupped her warmth. He kept his hand there as if encouraging patience for what was to come. Then his palm flattened against her, and the pressure made her hips jerk.

“Ah, the female gender… Adam never had a chance.” He chuckled to himself before he stood to loosen the ties on his linen pants.

To watch as his large hands nimbly tugged on the tie, then pushed impatiently at the waistband hugging the hard cut of his abdomen. To run her tongue hungrily over her parched lips when his proud cock was uncovered. To moan with anticipation when at last he stood before her, his muscles vibrating with tension, wings spread in majesty, wild abandon in his eyes. To do all of these things spoke volumes of her addiction to him. She should have wanted to look away, but his beauty kept her mesmerized.

The muscles of his biceps flexed when he crawled onto the foot of the bed. In the dim room, he seemed to capture all of the light, his spread wings shining. Starting at her feet, he visually traced over her body, pausing only when their eyes met. The iridescent glow from his stare snapped her mind back to reality.

“Stop!” Bailey cried. This was insane. She knew this creature. Knew his wicked intentions, and she’d almost given in. Again .

Caleb’s eyes narrowed, his upper lip curled. “Stop?” The light, mocking echo belied the anger simmering beneath his surface.

Feeling less brazen, she tried again. “Stop.” This time, she spoke softly, as if she was less sure of herself. She was sickened by it.

“What is it that I should stop doing?” His voice hardened. “This?” Before she could react, he reached between her spread thighs and slid a finger over her hardened clit. With the delicious bark of sensation, she clutched the bed sheets, gripping them until her hands hurt. The cry she wanted to voice caught in her throat.

“Or is it this?” His mouth came down on the peak of her breast, pulling at the nipple with an urgency that made her back arch. Teeth that shone brilliantly the few times he’d smiled at her, scraped over the sensitive area. His cock grazed her thigh, its heaviness teasing her.

Then he was at her mouth, breathing over her as if she were his very air. With a gentleness she’d never before seen from him, he whispered, “Or, my sweet daughter of Eve, is it this?”

Their mouths met in the most tender moment of passion Bailey had ever experienced. His lips upon hers were like the butterfly kisses she once innocently shared with her cousins. He gave her soft, sweeping brushes that slowed her heartbeat, making her ache with the need to touch him more, harder. By the time he pulled away, she’d elevated herself on her elbows. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts out to him, yearning to feel him pressed against her.

The realization of what she was doing struck her, and a chill swept down her spine. Despite her best intentions, Caleb was ever the seducer.

His lips curved into a smile as he peered down on her with hooded eyes. He asked, “Do you still want me to stop?”


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