The Fallen 3: Siren’s Song

The Fallen 3: Siren’s Song

Heaven has forbidden their continued union, but the dark angel is back to claim his human consort.  Only, her conflicting feelings have left her torn. In the final book of this series, Caleb and Bailey must face the test of an ultimate sacrifice or lose out on love forever.

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She winked at him. “I think that calls for another round, then, don’t you?”

His eyes crinkled at the corners while he laughed. “As you wish, daughter of Eve.”

The air shimmered, and then he stared off behind her, as if someone stood right there. She almost turned to see what might have invaded their privacy, but his eyes narrowed. The pure rage on his face sent a chill over her body, and she stilled.

“After everything we’ve done, what you’ve been through, you would still defy us, Caleb?”

Another chill made her breath catch when the voice of something serpentine spoke over their heads. It carried in its words a dread, which weighed her down.

Before she could react, Caleb pulled her against his chest, his wings forming into a canopy that covered their bodies. He whispered harsh words against her ear. “This is about me, not you. You are safe, Bailey. Remember that. You are safe.”


He hurried on, his words growing more bitter, more urgent. “It is for me alone to face them, and I will watch over you always. If you never see me, know I am there. You are safe!”

“I don’t understand, Ca—”

His mouth pressed against hers, cutting off any words of protest or question. When he pulled away, his eyes were the piercing blue she adored. “Listen to me! You are safe, and I am watching over you. You and our child are safe, Bailey. And I…”

Then she was in her bed, in her home.



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