On Writing, Works in Progress

Call me a glutton for punishment

I’m adopting a third pen name. It’s going to be a seekrit for now too.

You see, there’s this call for submissions at Mills & Boon for medical romances. I’ve been telling @elizagayle for some time that I want to write one. Here’s my chance to not only write one, but to also get a fast-track response on a partial submission. Booya!

So, despite working on edits for both HUNGER AROUSED and HEART OF STONE–(thank goodness we just finished edits for GRANITE DEVOTION)–writing NEATLY TANGLED, and plotting PASSION AROUSED (sequel to HA), I have to come up with a synopsis and I’m shooting for a 3 chapter partial for the call. Whew!

Sleep is overrated any how.