NaNoWriMo, Works in Progress

Change of Plans

My #NaNoWriMo plot has changed. For the past week or so, a wicked plot has been plaguing my thoughts, so I figure now is as good a time as any to start working on it. Face it, the story from last year, No Greater Joy, has *sat there* for literally a year now. If I couldn’t find the time to write it during the past 365 days, more than likely it doesn’t call to me.  So, on to this new one. The working title is Dark Whispers, although I’m not in love with that name. I have a feeling a future post will inform you of a new title too. Here’s the blurb I came up with this morning:

Echoes of the dead are everywhere and their greatest desire is to be heard.

Nina Aldridge has no clue how to stop the curse she’s born with. The overwhelming voices of the deceased are a constant drone, threatening to drown her sanity. When one in particular offers her sweet release from the clamor, desperate, she agrees to his carnal cost. But for every time she allows the incubus to worship her body, she slips a little further into the dark world of the dead.

All Jason Turner wants in this world is to communicate one last time with his deceased brother. The visions and cryptic dreams he experiences are warnings from him, he’s sure of it. When he finds out an honest-to-goodness medium lives a few doors down, he’s willing to pay whatever the price to get her help. When a reluctant Nina opens the doorway to the other side, he discovers the cost may be higher than he first thought.

Her desperate search for freedom. His crucial need for absolution. A burning love between them offers their only hope in salvation from dark whispers.