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Chicken Alfredo with Fettucine – Kacey Hammell

I’m an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of cook and I love using my crockpot! A fave meal to do in the crockpot is Chicken Alfredo with Fettucine. I don’t use a recipe since it’s everything but the kitchen sink thrown in but here are my process/items I use (never the same twice LOL) to feed a family of 5.

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5-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

2-3 jars of Classico Alfredo (roasted garlic or original)

900g pkg of Fettucine noodles


Peppers, onion, garlic


1. Add chicken and alfredo sauce to crockpot.

2. Add peppers, onions, garlic for seasoning.

3. Cook all day – five hours is good too.

4. Once ready to cook noodles, boil for 15 mins in pot of water.

5. Strain noodles once cooked, let sit about 5 mins, then spread 2 tblsp of butter over noodles.

6. Cut chicken breasts into small chunks.

7. Dish up noodles and chicken onto each plate, then spread alfredo sauce over top.

8. Ready to eat!

Side dish can be whatever you want it to be. Often times, my kids prefer broccoli.



Bridget Guthrie and Zander Hudson have worked at Club Splendor together for years, sharing smoldering glances, flirting, and building a friendship. Thanks to the club’s strict policy of no staff fraternization, they’ve resisted how much they truly want each another.

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