Gripes, Makes you go hmmm...

Contemplating reviews

For every good review I receive, it seems the very next day I receive a not-so-good one for the very same book. I’m not at all confused by this because face it, reviews are subjective. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. I had one reviewer say a secondary character was a caricature and unrealistic, whereas another reviewer for the same book said she wished the same secondary character had been given more of a spot light. I’ve had reviewers applaud an action-packed story while other reviewers bemoan the fact that so much happened in such a short story. Reviewers read my erotica and call it “hot”; other reviewers read my erotic romance and call the sex “ok”.

You know what I’ve decided? You either love my stories or you hate them. Not much seems to go on in the land of in between.

C’est la vie.