Coming Soon, Contest

Contest and contract news

First, if you didn’t see the announcement at my Yahoo group, then be well aware that you can win a copy of Book of Shadows or The Fallen . All you have to do is go to Selena Blake’s blog and read how you can enter. You have to enter by April 15th (dreaded tax day!), so hustle! I just peeked over there and quite a number of people are interested in winning, so don’t miss out!

I’m also pleased to announce two new contracts under my belt. The first one is for Dirty Little Secret, another Wicked title by Morgan Sierra. And for the love of pie, when you read this book, please don’t spoil what the secret is! I promise you only have to wait until chapter two to find out. Well worth the money if you ask me. Heh!

My second contract is for The Price of Pleasure. This is another interracial, contemporary erotic romance from Dee Carney. The one consistent comment I received from the people who beta read this story for me is how much they love Jesse. I knew a guy exactly like him in college. "Fuck" was his favorite word and he used it describe everything – good or bad! lol. "POP" as I call it, is so far, one of my favorite stories. Look for it from Siren-Bookstrand in July.