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Cover Art: Granite Devotion

Remember when I won that Halloween writing contest from Breathless Press? Well, here is the cover for that short story from Morgan Sierra. (BTW, why aren’t you following me on Twitter? Those folks already saw this. Yesterday. I’m just sayin’…)


Allyn’s punishment for once trying to protect Helene is to guard her now in the form of a gargoyle. After two hundred years of waiting, the day when Helene can finally free her lover from his prison has arrived.  Now it’s her turn to show that she’ll do anything for him. Her heart, her soul and most importantly, her body, aren’t sacrifices enough to bring him back. Helene must first prove that even with Allyn frozen in time as a gargoyle, her devotion to him, and especially her commitment to the Goddess who’d cursed him, is unwavering. Will it be enough?

Coming October 29, 2010 to Breathless Press