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Cover Art: How To Tame a Cougar

I love, love, love this story! And you’re going to love my first interracial contemporary romance too.

The Blurb:

Thirty-five year old, African-American nurse, Shawna, never tried to deny the attraction to her young Greek coworker, Damian. Intensely handsome with a heavy accent, he is the object of her fantasies.

With a bent towards black women, Damian doesn’t think twice about Shawna being a bit older than he is. When he mistakenly overhears her call his name during a self-induced orgasm, Damian recognizes that their intense flirting could and should escalate to more than just trading verbal innuendos.

Discovering that the gap in their ages is even larger than they’d both assumed forces Shawna to question whether a romantic relationship is even an option for them. A search for a missing patient gives Damian the opportunity to lead Shawna into facing her burgeoning feelings for him and into finding love.

How To Tame a Cougar, May 2009. And yay , available for pre-order now!! Click on the cover for more information.