Fun Stuff

Dagnubbit!! I’ve been tagged!

Darn Kris Eton. Anyway, I’m supposed to write seven random things about myself and then tag five other people. Here goes:

1. I’m cheap as hell. I won’t spend more than $20 for a pair of pants. (I can usually get add a shirt to the mix and still stay under $20.)

2. Having made it almost thirty-four years without seeing a dead person (never even attended a funeral), I’ve had three patients die in the last three weeks. (And no, I didn’t kill them. Oncology unit. Nuff said.)

3. I hate my toes.

4. My mouth is itching right now because I just ate some raw carrots in my salad – which I’m allergic to.

5. Before I became published, I used to read four to five books a week. Now I’m reading one book a month. Sometimes.

6. I collect shot glasses from states I’ve visited.

7. Speaking of visiting, I hate to travel, but often do it for work.

There. Happy?

I’m tagging: Deanna Lee, Ava Rose Johnson, Celia Kyle, Ericka Scott and P. Andrews.