On Writing, Procrastination, Works in Progress


I announced on Twitter Saturday night what’s wrong with my current WIP. I’ve been stalling on it for weeks now, not quite understanding why I couldn’t get the story to unfold. Based on my projected 40K word count, I’d passed the halfway point and I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s when the writing is easy. Down hill and all that.

But no matter how long I stared at it, I felt there was more to be said. More relationship to be built. More drama to the plot. That could only mean one thing: I hadn’t reached the mid-point as I’d previously projected. I sat down with my old school pen and paper, wrote down a number of things I still wanted to see happen and voila…new word count. 70K my friends.

So now I have a new dilemma. Beyond NaNoWriMo, my books never go beyond 50K. Never. They manage to stall each and every time. (Have you seen my progress counters? See what I mean?) So, y’all keep encouraging me. Force me to finish HUNGER AROUSED. It’s a damned good book so far. I’ve just got to see it all the way through.

Once again, wish me luck.