Contest, Writer's Block

Dry Spell

It’s been seven days since I’ve written anything. True…I like to take a break in between writing projects, but during that break I’m usually brewing something in my mind towards a new story. This time? Zip. Nada. Nothing.

I think it has to do with the fact that I’ve left the comfort of working 50 to 60 hours a week doing my day-time job. Now, I’m down to about 30 hours a week and it’s freaky. I have all of this spare time! You would think that I would use it to write, but noooo, not me. My days are filled with sudoku and finding dust bunnies in the oddest places.

Someone come along and prod me into action, would ya?

Any way, two bits of news: One – Kris Eton will be interviewing me on her blog April 28th. Come on over and check out what I have to say. Two – New contest! Everyone who is signed up for my monthly (and I do mean monthly!!) newsletter by May 15th will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to Cobblestone Press. If you haven’t signed up yet, get moving!

Hmm. I think I just spotted another dust bunny. Die, rabbit, die!