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Easy and Elegant Chocolate Pretzel Bites – Darlene Gardner

My mother whips up these great-looking treats when she’s short of time but wants to impress, and now so do I. They’re especially handy when I’m on deadline or even when I don’t want to tear myself away from a good book. The finished product has an elegant appearance and tastes yummy.

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Easy and Elegant Chocolate Pretzel Bites

1 package small chocolate-covered pretzels (in my grocery store, these are in the candy aisle)

1 package chocolate kisses (any variety, but I use milk chocolate)

1 package M&M’s

Put the pretzels on a greased baking sheet. Place a chocolate kiss in the center of each pretzel. Bake at 200 degrees for about two minutes.

While still warm, top each chocolate pretzel bite with an M&M, pressing down slightly. (I use the colored ones, because they look prettier). Chill for about 10 minutes in refrigerator. You’re done!

Dead Ringers 1 Illusion


Dead Ringers 1: Illusion

An Original Publication, This is a 25,000-word novelette that is the first volume of a nine-volume serial with mystery, romance and missing memories. The volumes are also available in boxed sets.

Do you know who your friends are?

Jade Greene remembers nothing from the time she went missing except a blinding headache and an evil clown with a syringe. Not exactly the stuff to convince others of your sanity.
Nobody at the summer carnival believes Jade was even in danger except her secretive co-worker Max Harper. Max offers to help Jade solve the mystery, but he’s sidetracked by the case of a Black Widow.

When Jade and Max stumble across a body on the beach, only two things are certain. People in town aren’t who they seem. And things for Jade are about to get much, much worse.

~ ~ ~