Editing Heaven or Hell?

Kris Eton once blogged that she was in editing heaven . Could someone please find this little place in Nirvana and point me to it? I just received the first round of edits to Four Percent and once again, like for all my other manuscripts, I’m dreading opening the email containing the document full of slashes and comments and updates and red marks to my baby. Do they need to be there? Absolutely. Will they make my writing that much stronger and that much more polished? Of course. Then why, oh why, is it so painful to read them? I kid you not when I say it takes me about two days and a couple glasses of wine to read through them at first. I guess I have been struck by the same curse that afflicts most other writers. We’re insecure about our projects at some point in the game. For some, it’s while they’re writing. For others, it’s after they send it off to a publisher or editor. For me, it’s those during those dreaded, dreaded edits.

Someone give me a hug.