There is such a sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished writing a story. After much anguish and gnashing of teeth, DEN OF INIQUITY: THE MONEY SHOT is done! Woot! I’ll post an excerpt of it in my July newsletter. (You still haven’t signed up yet? Man, you are missing out!) This story is more about the relationship between a dom (shifter) male and the sub female he meets moreso than the bank robbery. Who knows what the editing process will bring though? I’m just glad it’s finished! It may become book 1 of the series, instead of book 2 as originally planned. That part is still up for debate. Let me get through editing it and then submitting it before worrying about that part.

And speaking of finished, both THE FALLEN and CAREER OPPORTUNITIES have gone through final edits. They look very much improved from the original versions and I can’t wait to see the covers that will eventually go with them.

Even though I don’t get to enjoy a literal new book smell with my stories, I love the new book excitement that comes with each one!